Testimonial for Furlonger Tree Services

“In 1982 I bought a real, perfectly formed, little Christmas tree in a pot for my Mum who lived on her own in a lovely flat in Ashtead. Sadly Mum died that year just before Christmas so she never saw it. I kept the tree at my home in its pot for a few years before I moved to an old cottage in Betchworth where I still live. My wife and I planted Mum’s tree in my garden over 30 years ago.

After we’d lived in Betchworth for 10 years or so we needed some tree work done, which was when we first met Tom Furlonger. Another 20 years on and more tree work has been needed, including, sadly, that Mum’s tree had grown too big, and had to come down. Tom was the only man for the job! I told Tom the story about Mum’s tree and the work began.
I can’t tell you how touched I was when Tom knocked on my door and presented me with a carving of a Christmas tree he made from Mum’s tree, it even has MUM carved into the base. One of his crew, Kieran, also gave me some tips to help me try and grow some cuttings from Mum’s tree. We’ll have to wait to see if that turns out successfully.

Tom and his young crew have done a splendid job with the trees that have needed attention and left everything in very good order. Apart from logs from another tree neatly stacked for me to burn, and of course Mum’s tree gone, you’d hardly know they’d been.


These are men with more than chainsaws and bravery! I would recommend Tom Furlonger Tree Services all day long, and fur longer!

Simon Keogh, Betchworth: 13/04/18