There aren’t many places in the world better than England in the the summertime, are there? With hedgerows radiantly punctuating golden fields, and our leafy friends the trees completing the tapestry of green as their leaves glow every shade in the summer sunshine. Here at Furlonger Tree Services we believe in keeping your trees, hedges and garden in the best shape, figuratively and literally!!

Tree Hee Hee?

Why shouldn’t you be afraid of the Dogwood tree?
Because they have bark but wooden bite!

Which side of a tree has the most leaves?
The outside.

Did you hear the one about the oak tree?
It’s a-corny one…

Tree Preservation Orders

Before you carry out any work on your trees it is important to know if they are protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or whether your property is in a conservation area. This information is readily available on your council website and/ or should be specified with the deeds of your house.

If a Tree is protected you still may be able to have certain works approved by the council, and it is worth speaking to a professional arborist who will be able to advise what is reasonable to expect. At Furlonger Tree Services we have good relationships with many local councils and are happy to apply for permission on your behalf.

What do Arborists do? Our Crowning Glory!

In honour of another royal wedding, we’re talking crowns for our summer services section. The crown of the tree is the area where the branches split from the main trunk and is also referred to as the canopy.

Although severe works should be avoided in summer, depending on the species, certain operations can be performed without too much stress on the tree:

Crown Lifting

This refers to raising the overall height of crown break and is a technique often employed in parks or other public areas to ensure that trees don’t entertain any uninvited human visitors! For our commercial customers it is worth noting that UK Highways regulations require a 5.5m clearance over roads and a 2.5m clearance over footpaths.

Crown Thinning

This is a great option if you love your trees, but also want more sunlight into your garden. Our trained arborists will selectively prune the branches of the crown in order to reduce the density of foliage. The result is a tree with the same outside dimensions but more light reaching your garden.

Crown Reductions

There are a number of different reasons for choosing to reduce the size of your tree’s crown. Maybe it’s for management of utilities and clearance from property, sometimes for extending the life of a tree by reducing the stresses of leaf production or even for aesthetic value.

Furlonger Tree Services Climbing Arborists are hugely skilled and experienced in managing tree shape and health, so can get the best result for you and your tree.

One thing is for sure, crown reductions can be the most technically challenging of operations for a climbing arborist and is certainly worth spectating from a safe distance!

WHICH? Trusted Trader of the Year – Runners Up

We are delighted and very proud to announce Furlonger Tree Services came runners up in the prestigious Which? Trusted Trader of the Year Awards 2018. Shortlisted from over 9,000 companies our Team was selected due to our consistently high ratings from customers and customer service that went above and beyond the call of duty!

The team were invited to attend the ceremony at Kings’ Place, London on 23rd May and were rubbing shoulders with senior management of well-established brands. Although we didn’t manage to take home the title on this occasion, we would like to congratulate fellow nominees Grants Electrical and winner’s Tincknells Heating with whom we shared a lovely afternoon. We know that they agree that being nominated was rewarding recognition for the hard work we all put in to make our customers’ lives that much better.

Which? Trusted Traders sets high standards for its partnered traders, so for Furlonger Tree Services to be in the top three nationally, you can be assured of service of the highest quality when choosing Furlonger Tree Services for your arboricultural needs. We would also like to thank all our customers for your reviews and recommendations and look forward to providing you with the highest level of service and customer care over the next year and beyond.