But, amazing as this honour is, let’s not mess with the format, and start our Summer Newsletter with…

Which? Trusted Traders Of The Year 2019

Wow! Which? Trusted Traders Of The Year! Such an incredible honor and I’m so proud of the company we’ve created.

Which? the consumer Champion, we believe is a beacon for reliability and quality, and amongst Which? trusted traders we are at the top of the tree!


We were chosen ahead of just under 5,000 companies because of our commitment to providing outstanding customer service.

Putting a smile on people’s faces is arguably more important to me than making a profit (it’s nice to both of course!).

And the best part is, that this works for everyone. Our customers get more than they paid for, and we get more recommendations for work and more opportunities to make people happy through what we do.

So we want to dedicate this Trusted Trader Of The Year Award to you, our customers, who give us a reason to set our standards high; and say a huge Thank You to ‘Which?’ for recognising our efforts.

Thank you, everyone.

Tom Furlonger


It’s not too late to nominate someone for £1000 worth of free tree work. We’re running a little competition where you can write to us suggesting an individual or charitable foundation who would benefit from having one of our teams of tree and gardening experts work for the day for free.

Email: office@furlongertreeservices.co.uk

with the person you’d like to give the gift to and the reason why, and we will select the winner from on 20th August.

Tree Hee Hee?

Why did we win ‘Which?’ Trusted Traders Of The Year?
Because we’re a cut above the rest!

Why did we accept the award in the canopy of a tree?
Because it’s our crown-ing achievement!

How do you book us for work?
By logging on!


Pipp Fest


Once again, we’ll be sponsoring Mole Valley’s family festival, providing the stage and helping out on the day.

If you haven’t been before it’s a great day out for the whole family, with live music from local bands, food from tasty vendors and a display of local craftsmen and their work!

It’s on at Pippbrook House on the 8th September. We’d love to see you there.

Find out more at:


Summer Pruning:

Did you know that Apple and Pear harvests can be improved with summer pruning?

Summer pruning has always been carried out on trained apples and pears, but is less common on untrained trees, and can make them much easier to control and you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how your trees work.

However, if your tree seems to be a bit of a weakling, put the pruners away. When you’re cutting away foliage, you’re reducing the tree’s food factory, and this will contribute to its weakness.

The two reasons for summer pruning are to improve the harvest next year and to improve this year’s crop. Go and have a good look at your tree before you wield the pruners. The shoots that have grown this year will be fairly soft for most of  their length; they’ll also be leafy and vigorous and probably overshadowing the fruit that’s there.

That fruit is going to mature better  without the shade. Allowing more air and sunshine to reach the fruit will increase size and sweetness, improve its color, allow for easier picking and reduce the chance of pests and disease taking hold. However, magically, removing those shoots should also result in a larger harvest next year.

For various reasons, removing most of a shoot of this year’s growth encourages the buds which are left behind to become fruit buds instead of leaf buds. It doesn’t always happen, so if some of the shoots you prune merely grow a leafy extension again, don’t worry you don’t have to assume that you did something wrong!

Feel free to ask Tom, how to prune your trees when he comes to give you a free quote!