Tree Hee Hee

Q. What do you sing to a tree surgeon on his birthday?

A.Fir he’s a jolly good feller

Q. What do you call a Christmas tree that appears in action movies?

A. Spruce Willis.

Q. Why does Buddha meditate under the Christmas tree?

A. To be more present.

Winter Is A Great Time For Tree Inspection

If you’re a landowner or business with trees on your property, you have a duty of care to the general public and anyone on your premises, which includes taking measures to ensure your trees are safe. 

This can be as simple as performing a visual inspection from the ground, but there’s no substitute for a comprehensive tree report by a qualified arborist (ask us for more information.).

That said, if you’re concerned, Winter is an ideal time to look for structural defects and potential weak spots. Due to the lack of leaves on broadleaf trees, you’ll be able to identify many obvious flaws with a pair of binoculars, without the need for an aerial inspection.

Here’s some of the things you should look out for:

Hollows and Cavities

Injured and damaged trees may decay from the inside until a tree or stem is completely hollow.

Dead, Broken and Hanging Branches

In almost any tree, a few small dead, broken, or hanging branches will appear from time to time.  But major deadwood and large limbs represent a real safety threat and should be taken care of immediately.


Not all are a threat, but anytime mushrooms appear from the roots or stems it could indicate that advanced decay has already set in. A qualified arborist will be able to identify the most dangerous species and evaluate their risk.  If you have any doubts just ask a Furlonger Tree Services Team Leader.


Fresh cracks, characterized by a clearly visible split through a stem or branch and the color of freshly split wood, could spell trouble.

Codominant Stems

When two large stems meet in a V-shape (as opposed to U-shape) it’s a recipe for trouble at some point in the future.  The stems will grow in girth pushing against each other resulting in eventual failure of one or both stems.

There are many other factors in tree health and vitality so if you really want to be sure, ask Furlonger Tree Services to perform a thorough inspection or tree survey.

Team News

Our team’s growing in more ways than one!

We’re happy to announce our newest employee, and the second lady on the team, welcome Kelly Butler! Kelly, full-time mum, part-time administrator, has joined us to assist with the ever-growing workload as we scale up the business (also we can’t seem to keep Fiona off the chainsaws recently!). 

Speaking of Fiona, she will take up a new full-time role as Operations Manager from January 2020.

To complete the year on a high note for the team, Jake continued his professional development by gaining his ‘City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Award in Felling and Processing Trees up to 380mm’ and Dean successfully completed ‘Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross-Cutting’.

And finally…

Congratulations To Our £1000 Giveaway Competition Winner


We’re delighted to announce our competition winner – Shirley Stevenson from Brockham.

She was nominated by her granddaughter as she is unable to look after the garden herself. She won £1000 worth of garden maintenance and was ecstatic with the results.

And we’ve promised we’ll return in Spring to do another trim just in time for Shirley to enjoy the garden throughout the Summer.