Another year draws to a close. The days are shorter, the nights are colder and the leaves have fallen with only the evergreens left to punctuate the winter sky. So, let’s start with something to warm the heart with a Tree-hee hee and a Ho Ho Ho! Furlonger Tree Services can now be found on Check-a-Trade! As well as being runners-up for Which? Trusted Trader of the Year 2018 and Trusted Trader of the Month we’re now looking to take Check-a-Trade by storm!

Our customer’s reviews are so important to us. It helps us grow as a business, understand how to meet and exceed our customers needs and gives us the motivation that, in our small way, we are making people’s lives better. Whilst Which? Accreditation shows our standards of excellence within the industry, Check-a-Trade’s high profile lets us bring our award­ winning service to even more customers in Surrey, Sussex and the Greater London Area!

Tree Hee Hee?

(and HO HO HO)

What tree makes a fruit that tastes like turkey?


Why is tree surgery a risky business?

Because we’re always out on a limb!

What did the log say to the Wood Chopper at Christmas? 

Yule be sorry!


250 million years ago, there were no trees built to survive temperatures below freezing, trees only existed in tropical climates. Even today if you took native trees from the tropics to Siberia they stand no chance of survival. We all know that water is one of the few liquids that expands when frozen, but this makes life extremely difficult for leaves. The ice crystals puncture the leaf cells causing death – anyone who has ever tried to freeze a lettuce will have seen the results! Leaves are the energy factories for the tree, creating its food through photosynthesis, so dead leaves means a dead tree. Over the millennia our ingenious green giants came up with two very clever strategies to survive the winter in colder climates.

  • DORMANCY – In a style similar to hibernating mammals, trees collect their energy during the year then discard their leaves to conserve energy and ‘go to sleep’ for the winter. This is why broadleaves are bare at this time of year.
  • ANTI-FREEZE! – Coniferous trees use a different tactic. The sap in their leaves and internal plumbing evolved to be highly concentrated in sugars, a biological form of antifreeze – which prevents the formation of ice crystals, meaning their leaves stay evergreen.

Although they still go in to a relative dormancy, with photosynthesis dropping off considerably compared to the warmer seasons, they are able to keep the vast majority of their leaves or needles and survive the colder weather!


Winter is actually the best time of year to perform major works on your trees, whilst the trees are in their dormant period and the birds’ fledging over and other wildlife concerns at their lowest.

You can find a full list of our services with photos, videos and descriptions on our services and projects pages at but here’s a few of the things we do.

● Controlled Felling (Tree Removal)
● Crown Lifting (Removing lowest branches)
● Crown Thinning (Allowing light through)
● Deadwood Removal (Removal of dead branches)
● Crown Reductions (Reduction in height or spread)
● Hedge Trimming (Pruning and maintaining hedges)
● Stump Grinding (Stump removal)
● Firewood Supply (Log delivery)

Team News

 It’s with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Kieran Whitear, it’s like bidding farewell to a member of the family – and it literally is in Fiona’s case! Thanks for everything Special K, and good luck with everything in the future! The good news is it’s one out, two in! We welcome Danny, a new team leader with over 8 year experience and all his qualifications and we have the pleasure of having Matt Coates back for the festive period, on holiday from Malaysia.


Tom’s team of four did an excellent job, finishing ahead of plan. Tidying up as they went along adding some extra cutting and clearing away within the price and leaving our garden really tidy, and much brighter – great work! John Surrey – 24/07/2018

“Thanks again for the very good job you’ve made off the work on the trees in our garden. We came to you as you have a very good reputation locally and we haven’t been disappointed. Your crew were polite and worked hard. We will recommend you to friends.” Mr & Mrs Wiseman


I would just like to say a massive Thank You to all our customers this year. Your business is helping us to expand, helping us to educate and train our staff and pass on our expertise to provide more and a better service. Obviously, we couldn’t do this without you, and I want you to know how much I appreciate your custom, positive feedback and friendships. I hope you and your family have an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year!