Trees are an essential part of our daily life. This is why we connect to them more than any other plant. We care for them more too. This is why when a tree shows the signs of dying, we start to look after them more. But, how to identify the symptoms of a seriously ill tree? Well, read below to find out!

  1. The Bark Gets Fragile

When a tree starts getting weak, its bark becomes fragile. It gets loose to the extent that it begins to tumble off of a perishing tree. A dying tree may also show symptoms of cracks in a vertical shape or missing bark. You will also spot extensive cracks in the bark that reach out into the wood of the tree or inside cavities. 

  1. The Leaves Start Dropping

A tree that is moving toward its end loses every one of its leaves as compared to the healthy trees who do not lose all of their leaves immediately. So, if you notice a tree losing its leaves or if they turn earthy coloured and fragile during the developing period, chances are that it’s dying. The appearance of yellow leaves on a tree that typically has green leaves is also a sign that it is perishing. 

  1. The Twigs Die Out

A few dead twigs or wood doesn’t really indicate that a tree is getting weak. You can also schedule a standard pruning plan during the torpid season to ensure that your tree stays healthy. However, an increase in the number of dead twigs is something you should worry about. This is an indication that your tree is sick. The fungus can also grow on the deadwood. These dead woods and branches can fall anytime and that can be dangerous for people passing by.

  1. The Roots Become Clammy

The damage caused by roots to a tree does not show up early because they are present underground. At the point when a tree is biting the dust, its roots may turn vile and be the home to fungus or small insects, for example, bugs and ants. As a result, the tree will become fragile and eventually break. It would permit the tree to fall over. Another indication of a sick tree due to weak roots is the formation of knots in its fiber, weak growth, and appearance of yellow leaves.

  1. It Starts Leaning

Another sign of a dying tree is its odd leaning shape. This weird development pattern may demonstrate some shortcomings or imbalance in the structure of the tree. Usually, a tree that leans at the excess of 15 to 20 degrees from vertical shows the clear sign of wind or root harm. Enormous trees that have faced some serious wind may start leaning and will die out eventually.

Now that you know the signs of a dying tree, keep looking for these signs in the trees near you so that they can be looked after and treated properly.