Trees are an essential part of our lives. They provide us with many benefits such as oxygen that we breathe in, food that we eat, and whatnot! So why not plant more trees? Planting a tree has never been easier! Although it might look like a difficult task, it is actually not. All you need to do is to understand the basic tips for planting a tree and you can grow one of your own in no time.

Although different types of trees require different planting tips, there are a few general tips that can be applied to all trees. Let’s take a look at them below.

Select Wisely

Deciding on what type of tree you want to plant is very important. You can pick any type of tree that you like. There is a huge range of variety available for you to choose from such as a flowering tree, a fruit tree, the evergreen tree, the list goes on! Even though you can choose any type of tree to plant, try to pick the one that can survive in your surrounding environment.

Pick Up A Perfect Location

Once you have decided what kind of tree you want to plant, picking up a perfect location for it is the next important thing. Different trees do well in different locations because each of them has its own specific requirement of water, sunlight, and other things needed for survival. This is why the selection of a perfect location is very important for the healthy growth of a tree. You should choose a location by finding out about the requirements of the type of tree that you intend to grow.

Choose The Perfect Time

The perfect timing is another important aspect required to plant a tree. The best time to plant a tree is during the spring or autumn season as the weather is cool during that time. Cool weather provides the trees with an ideal environment to grow as compared to the hot or extremely cold weather. This extreme weather is not ideal for the growth of trees. Also, take care of the tree as much as you can in its initial stages because this will provide the tree with a strong base for surviving in years to come.

Do Not Plant It Too Deep

Planting a tree too deep is definitely not a good idea as it will shorten the life of the tree and also cause damage to the tree in its developing stage. When you plant the tree too deep, the tree has a higher chance of falling over in the wind as well.

Water The Tree Properly

Once you have sowed the seeds for planting a tree, you need to water it properly for its healthy growth. The tree needs to be watered every day for  weeks until the roots start growing. Once the roots start to grow, you can slowly decrease the supply of water to the tree.

So, follow these tips and watch a healthy tree grow!