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Proprietors have to deal with several things to keep their property maintained and intact. Among these wide range of chores, there are some tasks which require physical strength and a little expertise. Hence tree removal is one of them. It may seem to an observer that it only takes one strong pull of some sharp metallic cutters to do the deed. However, in reality, it is a very fatiguing job and requires adroitness to achieve it.

It is well-known by every individual that trees are cut down if they are wilting or desiccating. If a tree has become so feeble that it may collapse at any time, then, in this case, it is cut down to ensure the safety of the public.

Homeowners do not have to worry about a withering tree in their garden anymore if they follow the following tips:

Collapsed Tree:

One of the common reasons behind tree removal is to clear out the space that has been blocked by a fallen tree. The trees can be knocked down due to extreme weather conditions, for instance, thunderstorms, hurricanes and the like. Such trees pose an inconvenience for the public hence, they have to be removed. Well, it can be tiring to remove an already fallen tree but removing a fallen tree is less exhausting than cutting down an erected one.

 Lifeless or Ailing Tree:

If a tree is diseased or dead, then it should be removed immediately from its place before it topples over something, for instance, a car and leads to a messy situation. Well, the question here would arise, how one is supposed to know that the tree is dead or diseased?

Well if the tree has an increased number of dead, hanging branches then that tree is for sure about to reach its endpoint. Well, since most of the homeowners are not arborists, hence they will need a professional to help to find out whether it is diseased or not. Furlonger Tree Services is a reputable tree surgery company that works for this purpose. Their team would suggest a functional, cost-effective plan to treat an infected tree.

Trees Grown In Inconvenient Places:

At times homeowners find a dire need of removing a healthy, living tree. There are many reasons for this kind of removal. For instance, it may be grown in the middle of the pavement, thus causing inconvenience to the pedestrians. Usually, trees may overgrow to such an extent that its branches may bombard your room. Therefore due to such reasons, the tree either has to be trimmed or removed.

Even though a person finds himself capable of doing this energy-draining piece of work, he may need some labor force to complete it within a short period.

Thus, it is convenient to opt for a professional arboreal agency, so that the entire process may finish without any hindrances. Furlonger Tree Services is one of the reputable arboreal companies which specializes in this field of work. It is now offering its tree removal services in Betchworth.   

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The National Proficiency and Test Council design relevant vocational qualifications to be delivered through training providers, colleges and employers that help learners gain the skills employers’ value. Recognised by Industry experts all our staff are NPTC qualified in their relevant areas.

Risk Assessments

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and Work at Regulations 2005 – we always carry out a site specific risk assessment prior to the commencement of works. Safety of you, our staff and your property are of the utmost concern.

First Aid

All our staff are qualified in Emergency First Aid. Despite risk assessments and control measures, tree surgery is still a dangerous undertaking – so we don’t leave anything to chance!

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You can reach us by email, telephone or good old fashioned post. We aim to communicate with you as openly and promptly as possible, and welcome feedback of any kind!

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