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When living in Chessington, it would be hard not to notice the beauty that is growing naturally all around. Trees and shrubbery are what make this city along with its park called “Chessington World of Adventures” which works along with the Chessington Zoo. All of these attractions are what bring tourists to this beautiful area, and that is why we, as a company, make sure that our services are available 24/7.

Understanding Tree Removal/Stump Removal 

Weather changes affect not only us as humans but also the trees and plants all around. Winter brings in the cold and chilly winds. Leaves shed in the autumn chill, and some trees die in winter with a new generation reviving in the spring. All of these phenomena are what make living in Chessington ideal.

For it to look the way it does now, we make sure that we take proper action to keep the trees healthy and fresh looking. When it comes to understanding why the tree or the stump of the tree needs to be removed, it is best to explain it in points.

·  Tripping Hazard

It is very important to understand why tripping hazards are a genuine problem that pedestrians may face. If a tree has fallen down and now there is just the stump of the tree, it is necessary to remove that stump from the ground. This way, it won’t present a hazard to the local people walking and won’t be an eyesore to people too.

As well as this, there are also different weeds and grass which grow around the stump and thus create an unattractive look. If the stump of the fallen tree is located near tall grass, and is covered by weeds and the grass around it, it could very well be a safety hazard for people.

·  Insect Infestation and Decaying

When a tree dies and leaves its stump in the ground it just like any other living organism, decays in time. Decaying of the tree causes an attraction of different kinds of insects that may be harmful to the other plants and trees around.

From insect infestation to fungus being grown on the decaying stump, different kinds of pests are attracted to the tree. This attraction of pests can harm not only the stump but also the plants and trees around the dead stump, causing a lot of issues.  

·  Unappealing Outlook

By having a tree stump left in the ground, the one thing that is a problem is the eyesore that it provides to the public. It doesn’t look appealing, and it downgrades the beauty of the environment. Due to this, when we remove the tree, the stump is also removed with it to make sure the surrounding area is cleared.

For these reasons, it is easy to understand why we are hired to do this job for the people of Chessington. To make sure that the outlook of the town looks beautiful and serene, we make sure that everything is done correctly.

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First Aid

All our staff are qualified in Emergency First Aid. Despite risk assessments and control measures, tree surgery is still a dangerous undertaking – so we don’t leave anything to chance!

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