Trees can live for a very long time. But if they are not nourished and hydrated properly, then trees can rot away and die. A rotting tree could potentially destroy property and hurt the public. That is why you must spot a rotting tree before it falls over and does damage to people and property. 

You’ll know when it is time to remove a tree because the leaves will look brown when they’re not supposed to be brown. The branches are likely dead when this happens. You’ll also see cracks and decay on the trunk of the tree. These symptoms may be from a woodpecker or other pest. The tree could be infected too. 

In any case, this is a situation where it would be wise to call a professional. You should never attempt to remove a tree on your own. Bigger trees weigh many thousands of pounds. If you were to cut down a tree improperly, it could potentially destroy your house, your neighbour’s house, and/or seriously hurt somebody.

Never take a chainsaw to the base of the tree and call it a day. You’re supposed to cut the tree in layers, starting from the top and working your way down. It is not a job for a layperson to do because of the danger and risk involved. Tree removal is a very technical skill that requires the most heavily trained arborist in the business.

Furlonger Tree Services employs the very best arborists. We will evaluate the condition of the tree first. If we determine the tree cannot be saved, then we will proceed to remove the tree. Of course, if you must remove your tree for other reasons, such as a land development project, then we can remove trees for that purpose if necessary.

Although, we would love to replant some more trees somewhere else on your property to make up for the ones that we took down. More about that will be discussed during our free consultation together.